Larry Chisholm…from Ex-Con to Entrepreneur (Jan 31)

Mr. Chisholm’s criminal career began as a juvenile at age 12. Addicted to crack, he would serve time in prison, get out and go right back to his corner in the Hill District. With a promising career as a boxer at the age of 24 and training for a huge fight in 1969, was all dashed away […]

“Tony Haynes, The World’s Greatest Poet Brings SpiritChili To The World”

Valencia , California – Tony Haynes a/k/a “The World’s Greatest Poet,” brings you “SpiritChili, Recipes For Life.” This is the most profound book of its kind.  With SpiritChili, Haynes uses acrostic poetry as his tool to deliver an additional spiritual insight within each body of work.  He offers a more scenic trip down the road […]

From the Crack House to Owning Many Houses! (Sep 30)

Gerald D. Marshman, who in his past life was known as Douglas, had a very different life than what one sees today.  To see Gerald now, one would never have known that he was addicted to crack cocaine for at least two years.   Gerald, who is 51 years young, discovered from a very young age […]

Dana Ramsey – Local Souls

Ramsey is living testimony that faith can move mountains by Sonya M. Toler, Courier Staff Writer Dana Ramsey uses her life as a testimony to show others that a little bit of faith can go a long way. Read More Here >> You can also visit Dana’s Hair Salon at