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Fresh Bread


Kick Your Way to Health

Kick boxing flyer - Feb 15th

Heaven’s Nectar will have protein smoothies for sell after workout!

Christian Leadership Certificate

Old Skool Gospel Radio

They are kickin’ Old Skool Style 24/7.

Pumping out the Gospel sounds
that you love and want to hear!

Click the link below to log onto
Old Skool Gospel!


Community Food is here to Help!!


A Night with the King Worship!

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Defeat The Streets…Available Now!

defeat-the-streets.jpgI am Dr. Eric V. Lee Founder/President of Defeat The Streets Inc. located in Pittsburgh, Pa. To learn more about my ministry please go to www.Mindsetministries.com. I am trying to get my book that’s about my lifes story of overcoming every form of addiction, and bondage, and the fallen systems of this world, to every one who wants a total victorious life.

“Defeat The Streets: Memoirs Of An Addict” is about my struggle to overcome the mean cold streets of the inner city, that’s consumed with every form of evil, from drugs to prostitution and murder etc… and to find out my purpose for even being alive, it’s a book of hope, and that no matter how low you may have fallen, if you don’t give up, you will go up and win in the end!

For your copy, please visit www.Amazon.com or www.Mindsetministries.com

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Administrative Ministry!


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King of Kings Baptist Ministry!

Free Music Download!!!

Click Here to download a FREE COPY of
We Worship You from Judah Ministries’
Enter In CD. Click “open” to listen to the song or
click “save” to save it on your computer
for future listening and/or loading it on to your MP3 Player!

You can also download the sheet music
if you would like to learn the song or teach it to your church.

Eastminster Church

Eastminster Church has a new worship time!
One Service at 10:30 am.

Please join us for an eclectic music mix of Gospel,
Contemporary  Christian, hymns, spirituals and classical music
led by Nikki Porter and Ken McGeary.

Pastor Paul Roberts’ inspiring message
will bring God’s Word to life.

Bagels and coffee after service.
Discipleship Classes begin at 9:15.


 Eastminster is located at 250 N. Highland Avenue in East Liberty

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