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Wild Howling Woman: Cathleen Bailey, Book Release

Cathleen Bailey

Cathleen Bailey


Thursday, August 21st at 6:00 p.m. Ujamaa Collective Boutique hosted a Poetry Reading & Book Signing featuring the womanly; gracious with an overwhelming sense of respect and love, poetry of Bekezela Mguni and Joy Kmt. Followed by Cathleen Bailey sharing from her second poetic collection, “Wild Howling Woman” and also, from her first collection “Split Rock/Cracked Cave.”

The reading was more than a presentation of a finished work; but of honor and recognition of community and family. Cathleen’s literary works is a quilt of words and sounds that speak highly of history, people and their traditions. Her poems are praises of who we are.

With the culturally beautiful backdrop of the Ujamaa Collective Boutique the opening and intimate poetry of Bekezela Mguni and Joy Kmt offered a sense of newfound friendship. Their separate pieces coiled together by a common theme of devoted friendship, mutual respect. Bekezela and Joy’s reading gave a new definition to “best friends.” A new value on the importance and the influence being a special influence on one another has on their creativity and their growth as women. It was beautiful to hear and even mores to see the delight in each other eyes as they spoke of how their friendship pull them up and out and beyond.

After the elders in the audience praised the two young poets and encouraged them to continue on their paths, Cathleen welcomed and thank those who were there for her. The publication of her recent collect “The Howling Woman” was made possible by a 2011 grant from The Pittsburgh Foundation, Advancing Black Arts in Pittsburgh. Read more »

Why Help a Woman in Need: It May Save Her Life by Lynn Manley

One of Soul Pitt’s readers, Lynn Manley, shares a timely commentary on the rise of violence against women in our community.  Please read and comment.

Why Help a Woman in Need: it may save her life
By Lynn Manley

Every day, at least three women are killed because of domestic abuse. Over 4000 die a year, and if you are in a room with four women one of them has been a victim of abuse. Most know of someone, or had known of someone in living in a violent relationship. I knew two women who were killed because of abuse: a childhood girlfriend, and a young girl, who I had the pleasure of knowing for two years.

My girlfriend and I were friends since we were eight years old. As adults with our own lives, we were out of touch, but I knew she had a daughter and was in a relationship. One night as I watched the news, a photograph of her flashed on screen. I turned up the volume and I couldn’t believe what I heard. She was killed by her boyfriend, who also killed her 14 year old daughter. I sat there in shock, then I cried.
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