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1Hood Hip Hop Festival

1Hood Day Hip Hop Festival August 11th and 12th 2017
1Hood Members interviewed by Bonita Lee Penn SPQ


Photographer: Leah Johns


1Hood will host their community hip hop festival next Thursday and Friday (August 11th and 12th) at Repair The World: Pittsburgh and AR3 Park. This will be their 10th year anniversary of the 2-day of Pittsburgh’s first hip hop festival. This 2-day event will offer the public an interactive opportunity to get to know and hear the talented artists of 1Hood and other organizations who live and celebrate their lives in Pittsburgh and have come together as a positive force.

Thursday’s events will take place at Repair The World: Pittsburgh (6022 Broad Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15206); hosted by DJ QRX with performances by Naomi Ruth Allen, Tyra Jamison, Jermalle Johns, James Perry, Ki Manus, Devyn Swain, Tresa Murphy-Green, Patience Royal, Joan Mukogosi, Dejah Monea, Zendé Reid, Lyn H-Five Starr and NBND.

Friday’s events will take place at Anthony Rivers Park (ARP3) (200 Penn Circle W. Pittsburgh PA 15206); hosted by David Banner with special guest poet/activist Jessica Care Moore and performances by Jasiri X, Blak Rapp Madusa, Livefromthecity, Jordan Montgomery, DJ Big Phyll, Jacquea Mae Music, Phillip Bigphill Thompson, Soul Man Idasa Tariq, and AR3 Celebration of Life Foundation.

SPM recently was honored with the opportunity to sit down with the Celeste Smith, Jasiri X, Jacquea Mae and several of the young artists who are part of the 1Hood family and who will be part of the festival’s performance. The group shared what excited them most about the upcoming festival; also some memories of past events. Read more »