Cooking with Olga George | White Dumpling, Curry Baby Shrimp and Cassi

Cooking with Olga George White Dumpling, Curry Baby Shrimp and CassiWhile on a visit to California for my nephew’s high school graduation, my niece Nikki wanted a taste of some West Indian food that she didn’t have to cook.  Of course, being the nice auntie I am, I indulged her taste buds.  The dish changed several times because we couldn’t find any salt fish, red herring or goat so we went with the baby shrimps. Continue reading

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The I Am Movement | By Bonita L. Penn

What is unique about I Am Campaign Tees?


Owner Darrin Ward

Darrin Ward: Originally, it was an idea God gave to me. I was so blessed and inspired that I began to share with other people. This was the birthing of the movement. I was at a point in my life where I felt like a failure by society’s standards; I wasn’t where I should be in life or in my career. God began to show me through scripture that it doesn’t matter where you are in relation to the world’s definition of success. If He says you are successful, then you are successful, despite what things look like. That understanding helped me to see words such as: royalty; empowered; unstoppable, etc. So for me, my shirt is like my badge.  Some days I wake up and I’m faced with a situation I don’t think I can handle, then I remember what it says in the word, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” So I put on my Empowered shirt as a reminder to me and a declaration to the world. Continue reading

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2016 SPQ Summer Love Issue | #soulpitt #pushlove

Soul Pitt will be out in the streets this week pushin’ LOVE! Our Summer 2016 issue proudly Celebrates LOVE in a world that seems full of hate. We’ve got couples in love, events you’ll love and a lot more to love! So take a sneak peek inside and please spread this love around – Hey, maybe we can take this thing called love and PUSH IT!

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Soul Pitt Quarterly Magazine WINS 2016 Vann Award | Congrats to Soul Pitt Quarterly Writer Ron Fisher!

Soul Pitt Media staff would like to congratulate Ron Fisher on his 1st Pittsburgh Black Media Federation Vann award tonight for his Johnstown Spotlight Series featured in Soul Pitt Quarterly!!!
Awesome job Ron, we love you!

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SPQ’s Spring Edition Has Sprung!

Soul Pitt Quarterly’s Special 25th issue for Spring packed with 112 pages of awesome advertisers and soulful stories is here! With God’s Grace, the love of the community and amazing support from corporate and small business advertisers, we will continue to serve you and feel that the best is yet to come 🙂

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Royal Roots, a fair trade collection of skirts and accessories

Ujamaa Collectives First Direct International Fair Trade Contract
By Renee P. Aldrich

The terrain of lush greenery, palm and pine trees grow beside each other; the red clay soil that creates the roads in Tanzania’s Village of Kagera located in East Africa tells only a fraction of the journey.  The rigorous travel which consisted of 3 airplane flights for a total of 19 air hours. Traveling from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, to Qatar, situated between Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf, then to Uganda. All this followed up with an overnight stay in a mysterious hotel; then, an additional 6-hour ground transportation by bus and two jammed packed mini-vans to get across the Ugandan and Tanzanian borders, as well as, the equator, is another part of the journey. Continue reading

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Johnstown Native Takes Fitness to the Streets

By Ron Fisher

Most of us start the New Year with some sort of resolution, however, as time passes those resolutions go right out the window. Johnstown native Joe Greenwood is here to remind us that one particular resolution is a must and should absolutely be carried on throughout the year. That vital resolution is the goal for a healthier lifestyle. Joe is a former Greater Johnstown High School standout athlete who has never given up his healthy regime. Greenwood believes that health is wealth and he has made it his mission to help people not only get into shape, but stay in shape as well.  Continue reading

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Darrell Warden: A Pittsburgh Success Story

By Christiana Dillard

“It’s always about being better.”  Darrell Warden, hiring manager for Team Warden & Team Tri-state Group (a part of The Miles Group Insurance Agency) is the embodiment of his own statement. The agency has personnel in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and even Delaware; and their motto, “One Vision,” exemplifies their commitment to “being better.”  And each day Warden personally strives to be the best.

Warden had his beginnings in Rankin, a low-income borough in the Greater Pittsburgh area. However, he refused to allow the town’s bleak environment to bring him down. He attended Full Sail University in Florida and went on to become a music executive at Bad Boy Records with Sean “P. Diddy” Combs. Warden was at Bad Boy for ten years before moving back to Pittsburgh to work in the mortgage loan department at PNC Bank. When he was laid off from PNC, he found out that some of his old acquaintances were forming their own insurance group, headed by Troy Miles and hopped on board. For his role as a founding member of The Miles Group, Warden became a hiring manager for his own team within the agency and hasn’t looked back since. Continue reading

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Soul Pitt Quarterly 2016 Winter Edition Featuring Johnstown’s Smooth Sound

Soul Pitt Quarterly Winter Edition is out this weekend!  Pick up your copy at your favorite distributor.  104 Soulful pages packed with our loyal advertisers, awesome interviews and reviews, Black history facts, tips for success in 2016, Smooth Sound and more!

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Don’t Judge a Brotha by his Ride – Troy Miles and his Bentley Flying Spur


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