Spotlight on First Lady Melinda McCoy of Christ Temple Ministries | By Evangelist Terina J. Hicks

I love the fact that Pastor’s wives are all so different, but their goal and purpose is the same. That is to serve not only as a prayer covering for their husbands as they go forth in ministry as the shepherd, but also to partner with them in ministry. Check out the interview of the First Lady of Christ Temple Ministries, Melinda McCoy and how she balances life, so that she can complete the course set before her.

Terina J. Hicks:  Share with our readers how you got started and how long you have been working in ministry.

Melinda McCoy:  Well, let’s see, I received Christ into my life in March 1991. I saw how He was doing awesome work in my husband and I wanted that too. Digging into the Word of God I found revelation and answers for my life. Next thing, I desired to share what I learned. I started as a Sunday school teacher for the preschool children and have been teaching his Word ever since.

TJH:  As a First Lady you are more than what your congregants see. Share with our readers who is Melinda McCoy.

MM:  Firstly, I often hear that people think I’m not friendly, in actuality- I’m a little shy. I love being around people. When my husband and I married I never would have thought he’d be pastoring. I oftentimes think to myself, I did not sign up for this, but in many ways, I did. God called us both to this and it’s like PB & J or as my husband says I’m the peanut butter to his Reese cup. We go together; we complement each other; in ministry as well as life period.

TJH:  I am aware of that fact that as a First Lady you wear many hats in the ministry, how do you balance family and church?

MM:  I think I do a pretty good job of balancing duties. We’ve always been family focused even before pastoring. In our early years, when our children were young, we had to learn how to be there for them, each other and the ministry. When my husband started pastoring our children were high school age. We made sure that at least one of us was always present at their activities and the other kept the church going. We are a team!

At times, I do feel the pressure of ministry and being the First Lady, but I have learned to step away and regroup. My husband allows me that space and I appreciate him. I am a Social Worker so my day job adds stress. He understands that ministry is the same and wants a healthy wife, so he encourages me to find time for myself. I like to shop; read books; watch movies and to vacation. I also have a trusted circle of ladies who I can sit with, who feed me with wisdom and help me find strength when I need it.

TJH:  I encounter people whom do not believe in the Bible, but say they believe in God. What would you say to these individuals?

MM:  I can only share what God has done for me. After that you can choose to believe or not to believe. Because I work in Human Services, my compassion extends far beyond the church. I find myself ministering to people without even realizing it at first. But, for people to realize they need a savior, they must first realize that they need one. So many people are in denial and it’s hard to convince someone that believes they already have the answers, so I don’t push or pry, I offer help and support when it’s welcomed along with an encouraging word.

Christ Temple Ministries is located 28 Poplar Street in Blairsville, PA. Check out their Facebook page Christ Temple Ministries for more information.

This article was first published in Soul Pitt Quarterly Print Magazine (Fall 2017).  Copyright Soul Pitt Media. All Rights Reserved.

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