The I Am Movement | By Bonita L. Penn

What is unique about I Am Campaign Tees?


Owner Darrin Ward

Darrin Ward: Originally, it was an idea God gave to me. I was so blessed and inspired that I began to share with other people. This was the birthing of the movement. I was at a point in my life where I felt like a failure by society’s standards; I wasn’t where I should be in life or in my career. God began to show me through scripture that it doesn’t matter where you are in relation to the world’s definition of success. If He says you are successful, then you are successful, despite what things look like. That understanding helped me to see words such as: royalty; empowered; unstoppable, etc. So for me, my shirt is like my badge.  Some days I wake up and I’m faced with a situation I don’t think I can handle, then I remember what it says in the word, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” So I put on my Empowered shirt as a reminder to me and a declaration to the world.


Who designs your products?

Darrin Ward: That would be yours’s truly. I’ve been into graphic design since I was 18. I was known for painting designs on my t-shirts and jeans in high school. Most recently, since launching the I AM line, I’ve been designing logos, flyers and building and managing websites.


How has the public’s reception and support been towards your company?

Darrin Ward: The support has been awesome. We have received interest not locally, but orders have come in from Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Michigan, Texas, Toronto, Canada and even Nigeria. Our goal is to have the I AM Movement represented in every U.S. state by December 2016. Of course we’re not looking to stop there. This is a global message.


What would you like our Soul Pitt readers to know about your products?

Darrin Ward: The I AM products are not a passing fad. It’s a movement. We carry a variety of T-shirts up to size 5x on durable Guildan cotton. Also, we have waterproof, stylish tote bags. For the hat wearers, we have embroidered flex fit, curved visor fitted caps and flat visor snapback caps. Readers can order on line at Follow us on Facebook at I AM Movement, Twitter @IAmMovement or Instagram-IAMMovement.

This article was first published in Soul Pitt Quarterly Print Magazine (Summer 2016).  Copyright Soul Pitt Media.  All Rights Reserved.

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