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The Rug Lab: Cleaning Carpets More Than Just a Job | By Renee P. Aldrich

Among other things, Chris Floyd, owner of The Rug Lab, a local commercial carpet cleaning company, has held a variety of different jobs in his past. He’s been everything from a dishwasher to a sergeant in the Marine Corp, to … Continue reading

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Cooking with Olga George | White Dumpling, Curry Baby Shrimp and Cassi

While on a visit to California for my nephew’s high school graduation, my niece Nikki wanted a taste of some West Indian food that she didn’t have to cook.  Of course, being the nice auntie I am, I indulged her … Continue reading

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The I Am Movement | By Bonita L. Penn

What is unique about I Am Campaign Tees? Darrin Ward: Originally, it was an idea God gave to me. I was so blessed and inspired that I began to share with other people. This was the birthing of the movement. … Continue reading

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