Defeat The Streets…Available Now!

I am Dr. Eric V. Lee Founder/President of Defeat The Streets Inc. located in Pittsburgh, Pa. To learn more about my ministry please go to I am trying to get my book that’s about my lifes story of overcoming every form of addiction, and bondage, and the fallen systems of this world, to every […]

Miracles in Action!!

“Angela Alexander shares a personal story of loss and redemption.  Anybody who has ever gone through a tough time will be able to relate and take powerful lessons and insights from these pages.  This is a must read for anyone looking to make it beyond the pain of loss and heartache.”  Les Brown Award winning […]

Marriage 101!

Author Jewell R. Powell knows from her own personal experience.  She helps you to understand marriage is a journey and shares eight biblical truths that can change your relationship. Marriage 101 is an insightful book that provides hope for couples who are dealing with the real issues in their marriages. This book/workbook combination offers an […]