Go Faux – Sears Holiday 2012 Edition

Now that the winter season is upon us, why not brace for the cold by falling into some fashionable faux fur. Sears has tons of chic outerwear that is both stylish and affordable; making these faux fur looks uber-fabulous!

  1. Coffee Shop Faux Leopard Vest
  2. Coffee Shop Faux Rabbit Jacket
  3. Kardashian Kollection Faux Fur Knit Vest
  4. Trilogi Faux Mink Trim Walker
  5. Sienna Studio Reversible Faux Leopard Print Coat

Hurry to Sears.com or your local store to check out these and other trendy options that are sure to add some sizzle to your holidays.

300 S. Hills Village, Pittsburgh, PA 15235
1008 Ross Park Mall Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15237
1000 Robinson Center Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15205
3470 William Penn Highway, Pittsburgh, PA 15235
3075 Clairton Road, West Mifflin, PA 15123
289 Pittsburgh Mills Circle, Tarentum, PA 15084

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  1. Ayaka says:

    Hi Rene,Sorry to hear your picture wasn’t inleudcd. Unfortunately we only have room for 25 pictures in our gallery, and it’s possible that your shot maybe was a little fuzzy, so it didn’t make the cut. Mariela the photo gallery is designed to give a picture of what the entire event was like. We do feature video of our two winners only (you can find them in the video gallery).Looking forward to seeing you both at the next round!Brandi.

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