Thank you N-Motion, Connie Parker, Dr. Johnson & Craig Dawson!!!!!

N-Motion did an awesome job with their South Beach event on Saturday July 27, 2013 and I want to thank them for recognizing me at their event.  It was an honor to be acknowledged for my community efforts along with Democratic Mayoral Nominee Bill Peduto and Pittsburgh Jazz Network founder and Musician Dr. Nelson Harrison. God is definitely the reason for all the blessings bestowed upon me and Soul Pitt Media.  I wanted to publicly recognize on our site and in our magazine some of the people that have truly helped with our growth.  God continues to put the right people in my life to help make the Soul Pitt vision a reality.  Connie Parker, President of the NAACP Pittsburgh Chapter is definitely one of those people and has played a key role in helping Soul Pitt break down doors as a small minority business.  She is a role model and a true inspiration to myself and other African-American women and is a perfect example of class, business savvy, professionalism and a great leader and true friend.  Another woman that God put in my life that has been instrumental in keeping the magazine free to the public is Dr. Rhonda Johnson from Highmark.  From the moment she saw the very first issue on one of our vending tables at a women’s conference, she picked it up and said that she wanted Highmark to support it and gave us her card and said to make sure we follow up.  Well we sure did, and Dr. Johnson has kept her word and done just that ever since!  God put another person in my life to help with our sales.  Craig Dawson, VP of Sales and Marketing, has shown me the true value of the product we have and has always believed in Soul Pitt and its future as a successful media company and I thank him for showing me the ropes and increasing Soul Pitt’s revenue and worth.  Always full of one sentence quotes from his years of experience, his words often pop up in my head when I need them most and I thank Craig for his advice.

In fact, God has put many people in my life to get us where we are today and that has helped me grow as an individual and I have thanked many of them throughout the years in public, online and in our quarterly and they are always in my heart.  But I just wanted to take the time to particularly recognize these individuals that have only known me a few years, but have made a HUGE impact in my business and my life that will last a lifetime.  Thank You!  (N-Motion will be releasing photos from their event shortly) – Keep checking their site gallery at

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