Soul Pitt Spiritual Coordinator Terina J. Hicks attended the Friends of the Family Day Event




This past weekend I visited Emmanuel Episcopal Church for their “Friends of the Family” day to hear Voices For Christ in concert.  For two hours they did their thang under the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit.  This AWESOME quartet performed songs by Richard Smallwood’s such as Holy Holy, Hezekiah Walker’s God Favored Me, and Norman Hutchins’ God’s Got A Blessing, to name a few, and of course their own original music.  I remember the first time that I heard them perform at the Homewood Library, they opened up for Maurette Brown Clark, and I fell in love with them immediately!  There was also a liturgical dancer by the name of Joe Dukes III who performed, and he was equally amazing!  Bill, Henry, Wayne, Rick and Jonathan have been together for the better part of two decades and it shows not only in their professionalism, but in how well their voices compliment one another.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to hear this dynamic quartet live, don’t worry because they are always singing somewhere at some event in Pittsburgh, and plus their CD is due to be out in October.  So make sure you stay tuned to the Soul Pitt for more information regarding their CD release party!

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