Soul Pitt Media Congratulates Charlie Batch for Winning the 2013 Byron ‘Whizzer’ White award!

The professional football players of America established the award and named it after Supreme Court Justice Byron Raymond “Whizzer” White because of his role as a humanitarian and public servant. The NFLPA annually presents the honor.

All finalists will receive donations for a charity of their choice, and Batch will receive an additional $100,000 for his charity. He chose the Batch Foundation, which focuses on providing after-school programs, scholarships and resources for students in financially challenged communities.

Soul Pitt Quarterly also had a spotlight story on Charlie Batch in our 2013 Winter Issue written by Malik Vincent.  Did you get your Free copy yet?  It’s on page 22.  Or you can read it right here online.   CLICK HERE FOR THE ARTICLE.

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