Soul Pitt Letter to the Editor

Big thanks to all the individuals that take the time to write us to express their gratitude for what we do, and of course to the staff at Soul Pitt that made it happen. Comments like these make it all worthwhile: is my pleasure to THANK YOU and SOUL PITT for the “loan” of Brother Craig Dawson for our 30th Annual Scholarship Banquet. He was nothing short of spectacular. His message was spiritual, informative, and encouraging to our youngsters. Most of the adults in attendance remember Craig, and his brothers and sister, as well mannered, well dressed, determined neighborhood kids. So although we expected what we heard, we were pleased and proud that he delivered. He kept God in his message and the young people’s attention. Those of us who mentor our youth know that’s not an easy task.   It is our mission to give a little financial help toward secondary education; and invite Upper Ohio Valley Alumni to bring an encouraging message to our youth. Thanks to Bro. Dawson; our mission was accomplished. — The George C. Smith Scholarship Committee, Steubenville, Ohio

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