New Year New Mayor for the City of Pittsburgh by Diane I. Daniels

THE NEXT PITTSBURGH – Mayor Bill Peduto being sworn in as the 60th mayor of the City of Pittsburgh. The parents of fallen Officer Paul Sciullo share in the process.

It is official; the 60th Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh is in place. Monday, January 6, 2014 Mayor William (Bill) Peduto was sworn in by Judge Justin Johnson on one of the coldest days in the city’s history.

Using the theme – “The Next Pittsburgh,” in his 15 minute Inaugural Address, Mayor Peduto stated that the things we do in the next few years, the efforts we undertake together as a city will determine the fortunes of generations to come.  “Pittsburgh has given the nation and the world the steel framework on which an entire age was built. Along with steel and industrial might, it has given our nation artists, such as Andy Warhol and writers such as Gertrude Stein and August Wilson, visionaries such as Herbert Simon and Rachel Carson, historians such as David McCullough and healers such as Thomas Starzl and Jonas Salk.

O WHAT A WORD – Spoken word artist Vanessa German performs during the ceremony.

Pittsburgh has produced wealth beyond computation, knowledge beyond measure, and vision beyond limits. But what this city has done cannot be the end of our story. Pittsburgh must also do.”

Ready for the tasks ahead to lead the city, turning information he received from what he described as an advisory committee consisting of dozens of ordinary citizens, into an agenda for the future, the Mayor said he will place the tasks into three broad categories: accountability, responsibility and sustainability. “Accountability meaning a government that is open in every way possible, responsibility means facing the facts as they are, especially our financial realities and sustainability means creating a culture of governance that will last beyond any one administration,” he explained.

After describing his family dynamic, he pointed out that Pittsburgh has been the destination for millions who have entered through the golden door of American freedom. “Our grandparents and great-grandparents knew the Pittsburgh of the gilded age, a city teeming with immigrants, and filled with the din of factories. It is now our moment, our opportunity indeed, it is our duty to create the next Pittsburgh. A city that gleams not only with the lights and glass of our towers, but one that also glows with the hope of revived neighborhoods that thrives in a renewed sense of possibility for every child born here; a city that is more than a place to be from, but rather, a place where lives can be lived to their fullest measure. A city where our children graduate school and stay, perfect our next economy, raise their families, and hand the next generation a greater city still. That is the city we deserve. This is the city we can be. Together, we can build The Next Pittsburgh. I can’t wait to get started. He ended by saying, “It is cold out there today. Let’s warm our city with the fires of reform and the sunlight of a new era.” (To receive the full inaugural address, contact the Mayors’ office).

Other participants in the program included Bishop Loran Mann serving as Master of Ceremonies, the Obama Academy Eagles P.E.P., the Allderdice High School, George Westinghouse High School Bulldogs Marching Band, Joe Grushecky and the CAPA High School Choir, the City of Pittsburgh Department of Public Safety Honor Guard, Jeff Jimerson, the Boy Scouts of America, Reverend David Zubik, Vanessa German, Rev. Randy Bush, Judge Justin Johnson, the Afro American Music Institute Choir, Rabbi Sharyn Henry, Imam Abdusemi’h Tadese and the Rev. Glenn Grayson.


Award winning journalist, Diane I. Daniels has been assisting small businesses and organizations as a consultant, mentor and advocate for three decades. Utilizing the motto of “promoting, publicizing and popularizing,” DID & Associates is a multiphase PR firm offering promotional services, public speakers and developmental training. In addition to writing for the SPQ and the Soul Pitt, Diane writes business articles for the New Pittsburgh Courier, the Urban Connection based in Harrisburg and features for Onyx Magazine.  Her non-fictional writing can be found in the anthology Free to Fly: Wisdom for the Seasons in a Women’s Life.

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