Meet the Nurses Week Nominees!

Mary Fran Reidell

Barbara Johnson says, “My colleague Mary Fran makes a great nurse because she is so honest, genuine and caring. She is an amazing listener and looks at any health concern from a holistic perspective. When she has a diagnosis in mind she explores each possibility and is very mindful of issues that may cause great anxiety for the patient. She is always learning and has been involved in many cases that required culturally relevant care as well as cases where mental disorders needed consideration. I would trust her completely to advise me on any health issue because her work is informed, respectful, wise and lovingly considerate.
Kimberly Ragsdale

Kayla Bowyer says, “I’ve known Kim for over 12 years and she has always been a hard working person who was determined to be successful. She followed her dream of becoming a nurse and is now living that dream. As a young, Black professional nurse, Kim is an excellent role model for other young aspiring nurses. A nurse’s hard work sometimes goes unnoticed or unappreciated, and Kim deserves to be recognized for the work she does to help keep the people of Pittsburgh healthy.”
Luann Gordon

Aldine Coleman says, “Luann Gordon works with cancer patients; she administers chemo every day. She’s done this for 13 years now. She is kind, compassionate and funny; she’s helpful, knowledgeable and positive. Her patients rely on her to make them comfortable with their treatment; they depend on her to be gentle and kind; and they want her to alleviate their fears. They expect her to answer questions and help them understand what they are experiencing during a difficult time. Luann does all of this. Those of us who are enduring cancer look forward to seeing her every week, once a month, or whenever the treatment is done. She calms our fears, she answers our questions and she makes us laugh. In spite of the pain, the sickness and the terrible life changing experience, Luann reminds us that we can make it, that this will be a memory and that we can live life free of cancer one day soon. Such a positive individual and what a great nurse Luann Gordon is.”

Domenique Gordon says, “I feel this woman makes a great nurse because despite battling Alzheimer’s with her mother and ovarian cancer with her sister she is able to still go into work and care for others with a smile on her face comforting them and treating them like family. Luann Gordon is an AWESOME nurse because she takes the time to comfort her patients family even after death. She makes sure her patients understand their ailments, their treatment, as well as providing an overall positive experience while in her care. Nursing is a profession within the health care sector focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life. Luann Gordon is the epitome of nursing and that’s what makes her a great nurse!”

Luann adds, “I am a Howard University grad of 34 years with in-patient and home care Mental Health and ICU experience. The last 13 years of of Hematology-Oncology nursing has proven to be my calling. These folks and their families are truly whom the Lord wanted me to care for.”

Terry Robinson

Clayton Robinson says, “Terry makes a good nurse because she is working with premature babies, not knowing if the baby will make it and dealing with mothers and fathers trying to comfort them through this difficult time…and trying to hold yourself together, going home to your spouse and holding down the home problems.”


Deborah White

Teraya White says, “Since 1995, Deborah L. White has been a OB-GYN nurse at Magee Women’s Hospital. She has dedicated her time and service to high-risk patients who deserve the highest level of service. Deborah has spoke to teens and various community groups on sexual health, breast feeding, resources for mothers, and patient advocacy. Currently, Deborah is a Case Management Nurse for UPMC where she continues to serve the highest need women with the services they need. As a breast cancer survivor, Deborah has also made it a mission to speak to women about breast cancer prevention and smoking cessation. She is dedicated, focused, and committed to serving women.”

Holly Gordon

Janice Simmons says, “Not only is Holly competent, professional and capable practicing as a registered nurse for over three decades, she is an advocate that is caring, attentive and personable to her patients as well as family and friends. Meticulous in detail and cognizant of procedues and practices, patients as well as her co-workers, doctors and other nurses, benefit and appreciate her steadfast care with assured confidence. Regardless of the assignment; whether it be in hospital, rehab center or private duty, she is a dedicated and exceptional caretaker.”

Michelle Quashie

Janice Simmons says, “Raphael Kelly says, “Michelle Quashie is the true nurse!! She graduated from Carlow University and went on to successfully work in her field. Not only does she take charge in the medical unit, she also takes charge in her personal life. Just recently Michelle made the decision to raise her three children (Tatiyana, Sade, and DeShay) on her own in Myrtle Beach, SC. A few months after her decision, she purchased a beautiful home. This year is her middle child’s last year in grade school and as the 5th grade class trip, each year they visit a water excursion in Florida where the classand chaperones swim with the Manatees. Now, I’m a daredevil and I’m not swimming with the manatees ever… however , Michelle didn’t allow her fear stop the experience she and her daughter Sade had swimming with the manatees. Michelle is a phenomenal nurse and just like she braves the ER unit, she braved the swim with her daughter. Being an ER nurse isn’t easy and she is faced with different challenges on any given basis. Michelle makes huge sacrifices so that her family will be provided with opportunities and culture than she can even imagine. After working long hours she makes sure she attends school events, games, and family functions… She is a great nurse on the job and in her family/friends life and to me she is just a phenomenal woman and mother!!! Michelle Quashie definitely needs to be recognized:)””

Evelyn Wrozsek

Ruth Kinsey says, “Ever, is always on point. She gets the job done while working for several doctors on different days she knows what patient need what along with prompt response time to patients needs. She has genuine concern and care for her patients. She’s the best!”
Cathy Gathers Robinson

Ralph Smith says, “One of the top surgical nurse clinicians in Robotics surgery in the city. Also a great woman, wife, mother, grandmother and person!!!”

Cathy adds, “I manage a barrage of surgical service lines, but Robotics and Minimally Invasive Thoracic/Bariatric/Vascular and Spine surgeries are the primary focal areas.  I work for UPMC St Margaret Hospital, where we are a Center of Excellence for Bariatric (weight loss surgery).  I  have been a nurse for 34 years beginning my career as a trauma critical nurse and then transitioning to the Operating Room.  I hold national board certification in Peri-Operative Nursing and have been honored as a Cameo of Caring nominee as well as  two time Daisy Nursing award winner.”

Brittany A. Williams

Malik Vincent says, “Brittany A. Williams, RN, BSN is a 2005 graduate of Penn Hills Senior High School. She is currently a travel nurse who’s just completed an assignment in the Los Angeles area. Specializing in cardiac care, Williams works in the intensive care unit and is involved in assessing, managing, and predicting emergency and/or life-threatening issues. The 26-year-old has worked in the field since obtaining her bachelor’s degree in nursing from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) in 2009. For what she describes as “fast-paced and high-stress” working environments, Williams aspires to take her talents across the seas– through an agency that works as her management– citing potential nursing opportunities in Hawaii and Australia.”


Roslyn Goodwin

Chrystal Lowery says, “This lady epitomizes the soul of a nurse. As director she valiantly defends her staff so that we may obtain our goals of caring for Newark city’s most vulnerable. She has earned my respect as a skillful public health administrator for her in depth knowledge and uncanny knack of knowing the right solution for the problem. Its been said she worked her way up the ranks diligently from clinical assistant.”


Rebecca La Bovick

Sylvia Johnson says, “Rebecca “Becky” as we call her is a nurse who works in the human services homeless assistance field and seems like a social worker, she is always available to our clientele and even to our staff when the need arises,she never says no or I don’t have time,she takes care of everyone’s needs medical or none medical,I feel really safe when she’s around because I know what ever needs to get taken care of she can and will handle it.”

Stephanie Mungin

John Flickinger says, “Stephanie is a kind, caring, compassionate nurse who is extremely thorough, organized, and efficient. Every patient she sees knows that she cares about them and that she will do everything possible to meet all of their needs. She remains calm and cheerful on even the most trying and tiring days.”

Shirley Dyer

Angela Dyer says, “Shirley, the seventh child of fourteen children in her family, worked her way through nursing school in order to achieve her dream of becoming a nurse. In the year 1985, she became a registered nurse in the state of Pennsylvania. Since that time she has worked in many different areas of the nursing field such as: Orthopedics, Intensive Care, Emergency Room, Staff Development, Nursing Supervisor, Radiology , Rehabilitation, Case Management, and Short Procedure. She chose nursing as her career because she loves helping people and making a difference in their lives. She often says “When someone looks at you and thanks you for making them feel better, whether it is mental or physical, it makes the job all worthwhile”. Shirley is the type of nurse who is old enough to reminisce about how it used to be, wise enough to understand the challenges we face today, and visionary enough to look forward to find new ways to meet and exceed these challenges. Presently, Shirley is a nurse case manager at UPMC Health Plan where she continues to touch and improve the lives of the many patients she interacts with daily.”

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