Meet 3TG…Three Talented Girlz | Bryce, Imani and Summerlove

Meet 3TG… Bryce, Imani and Summerlove.  A talented new young trio group from Pittsburgh, PA have made their mark on the music scene. The three stylish girls came together while attending summer camp. Bryce, Imani and Summerlove joined forces with their singing, raping, dancing and writing their own music to become, 3TG…Three Talented Girlz! Recently they became the Grand Prize Winners in the WAMO 100’s Local Love Talent Showcase. The Girlz performed, “Skool Dayz” and “Growin’ Up” at the August Wilson Center. They continue to stay busy with school, church and building their musical career.

3 Facts About 3TG

  1. 3TG (Three Talented Girlz)  were the Grand Prize Winners of WAMO 100’s Local Love Talent Showcase. The group won a Performance Opportunity, an Artist Profile on,
  2. Their song will be a part of an AT&T radio commercial on WAMO100 and their original radio-edit song will be played On-Air!!!!
  3. 3TG consist of:  “Summerlove” Summer Helvy, Bryce Chisolm and Imani Chisolm

For more information on 3TG check out their fb page at 3TG Three Talented Girlz. For more information on 3TG contact: Ruby Helvy, Manager  or  Harriet Jackson, Publicist
For more information on the WAMO 100 Talent Show contact: Orlana Darkins at

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