Latino’s and African-Americans in our region working together!

Donna Baxter & Terina Hicks from Soul Pitt Xtra
were the co-hosts for the Hottest Soul-Latino show in Pittsburgh February 10, 2011.  The show is called LA RUMBA, hosted by CeCe and Primo, and is aired LIVE on Thursdays from 7-9PM on WRTC 88.3 FM (listen online @
LA RUMBA hosts taught the ladies from Soul Pitt Xtra about their culture, music and more!  Donna shared the history of Soul Pitt and how SP is doing their part to showcase the growing Latino community in this region. 
Look for more of CeCe and Primo on Soul Pitt and listen for them on an upcoming episode of Soul Pitt Xtra on 1150 AM WGBN which airs Mon/Wed @ 12:05 PM and Tue/Thu @ 5:45 PM

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