By Makeisha Lee, Health and Nutritional Advisor

Most people want to look in the mirror and be satisfied with seeing a well toned body staring back. According to a recent Consumer Report Survey, 41% of American adults are hoping to shed on an average of 37 pounds to achieve this satisfaction. Many in that figure have experimented with a diet or two for some special event, or perhaps at the advice of a doctor. However, there are an overwhelmingly large number of individuals that are professional dieters who have been stricken with, “diet-itis” syndrome. Here is how to spot it and evict it from your life for good:

SIGN #1 – If you have tried all the single-food diets that have come out, like the grapefruit diet, cabbage soup diet, the lemonade diet, the new- cookie diet and on and on. You in fact, have “dietitis” syndrome if you have been on those diets.

Golden nugget: Not only are these diets ridiculous, but they are not even practical for sustaining life everyday in the healthiest way possible and can be very dangerous since they cut out major food groups.

SIGN #2 – If you have ordered a magic pill or potion off of one of those 3am infomercials that boast insidious claims like, “eat all you want and still lose weight”! You in fact have “dietitis” syndrome, if you have ever done this even once.

Golden nugget: Not only is this the worst form of deceit imaginable to consumers, but many of these diet pills can cause adverse side effects like irregular heart rhythms and palpitations.

SIGN # 3 – If you have not even completely finished one diet before you are surfing the internet for the next “new diet” on the market to try out; you in fact have “dietitis” syndrome.

Golden nugget: The diet industry is an estimated 33 billion dollar a year industry that profits off of people that have uncontrollable cases of “dietitis” syndrome. Quit making them rich! Instead seek to rehabilitate yourself by using natural and safe alternative remedies to release excess weight.

SIGN # 4 – If you try diet after diet and yet you “still” believe that the next diet will work and help you keep the weight off. You in fact have “dietitis” syndrome.

Golden nugget: Diet companies themselves tell you that, “diets don’t work”, but they still promote to you on their commercials day in and day out while trying to sell you on why their “diet” is better than the others.

SIGN # 5 – If you have graduated from “dieting” to lose weight – to undergoing weight loss surgery, or at least heavy consideration of such. It is safe to say, you in fact have “dietitis” syndrome.

Golden nugget: Although undergoing surgery is not the same as dieting, (which is the major selling point for surgeons); “dieters” are prime candidates for surgery because of the way they think. The problem is that these individuals have not addressed the “dietitis” syndrome that they have of wanting a quick fix, wanting to lose weight by ANY means necessary. They have never found out the underlying, true causes of their battle with the bulge. Getting major surgery will not fix that unhealthy mentality, but will instead lead to a major letdown!

Good news! It doesn’t take more drugs or surgery to eradicate “dietitis” syndrome from your life.
*STEP (1) – AWARENESS: The first step to all positive change is, “awareness”. These 5 signs have made you aware of the problem. Recognize and be quick about correcting “dietitis” by using an alternative to drugs, surgery and of course; habitual dieting.

*STEP (2) – CLARITY: You must be totally clear on “why” you really want to shed weight. Your focus and main goal should have more substance than just getting into that pantsuit for that party, or trying to land a suitable mate. Nothing is wrong with that in and of itself, but what happens when you get bored with the diet, it fails and/or the weight comes back?

When you have total clarity, your eyes are wide open to spot gimmicks and be open to “real” health solutions.

As one best selling author of an informative health book puts it, “if you are trying to lose weight and get healthy, always know your, “why”! “The bigger the “why”, the easier the “how”!

If you are now clear on your “why”, it is time to use your “how” to tell the “diet-itis” syndrome – “get the steppin!”

Makeisha Lee is a health and nutrition consultant. For more information about cleansing and detoxifying your body, contact her at 614-595-1425 or or learn more at

She is also the author of “Why Black People Can’t Lose Weight” available at and in bookstores nationwide.

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