Mammography – The Screening That Can Save Your Life

Mammography – The Screening That Can Save Your Life Submitted by: Gateway Health Plan® The words breast cancer are scary to hear. However, with education, preventive care, good nutrition and regular exercise, you can reduce your risk. One way to reduce your risk of breast cancer is with regular mammography.  A mammography is an X-ray […]

A Touch of Sugar

By: Jude A. Lauffer, BSEd., RN, BC, Gateway Health Plan® How many times have you heard those words? Do you know what a “touch of sugar” means? Your life or the life of someone you know may depend on knowing that answer. Diabetes is quickly rising to the level of an epidemic and causes major […]

Health Literacy Begins With You!

By Carol M. Allen, Director of Public Affairs and Program Development, Gateway Health Plan® Have you ever been to the doctor’s office or met with a pharmacist and later wondered what they were talking about? Do you have trouble reading your medicine labels? If you answered yes to these questions, you may need to improve […]