Black Hair Vs. Black Health

HAIR IS STANDING IN THE WAY OF EXERCISE AND HEALTH FOR MANY BLACK WOMEN Whether natural or relaxed, curly or straight, research shows hair is a common barrier to exercising and physical activity for many African-American women. According to a study by Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina¸ about one-third of black women […]

Pregnancy Huh? (Part II)

By Jamie Broadnax, Expert Personal Trainer If someone offered you a magic potion that would ease pregnancy symptoms more comfortably — and promised better sleep, improved balance and grace, fewer backaches and headaches, less gas and swollen ankles, a happier state of mind, a more positive body image, an easier labor, and a healthier baby  —  would […]

A Food Journal – A Excellent Tool To Lose Weight

Advice from The First Lady of Fitness, Fashion, and Fun and Pittsburgh personal trainer, Independent Beachbody Coach, and life coach, Jackie Omotalade. More health and fitness tips are available at When you’re trying to lose weight, one of the smartest and easiest steps you can take is to keep a food journal. A food […]

ZUMBA fitness

Dance your way to a fitter you exciting and unique Latin moves and rhythms Place KINGSLEY CENTER Days MON & WED at 7:30pm Phone 412.661.8761 Instructor Melissa McKoy Fee per  class  $5 Kingsley center members $7 non-members or class pass $30.00 for 5

NAKA Fitness

HIP HOP AEROBICS! NAKA offers a growing list of classes: Low-impact, body-cut, African dance, even gospel aerobics. NAKA Fitness, at 124 N. Highland Ave., also offers youth classes on Saturdays. Call 412-361-1240, or visit the Web site Post-Gazette Article on NAKA Fitness