SheaMoí Naturelle

Type of Biz:     Artisan Handcrafted Jewelry
Name:     SheaMoí Naturelle
Street:     511 Towne Square Way, Suite 175
City:     Pittsburgh
State:     PA
Zip/Postal:     15227
Phone:     (412) 436-6014
Web Site:
Comments:     SheaMoí Naturelle™ artisan jewelry is elegantly handcrafted for the natural you. We infuse stunning, unique designs with a plethora of mediums to accentuate your distinctive style.

From striking Tanzania Amethyst Quartz, brilliant Black Spinel mined in Australia, and the chatoyancy of Tiger Eye…

SheaMoí Naturelle™ selects and combines high quality Gemstones, Freshwater Pearls, Murano Glass and Swarovski Crystals.

Whether your style is bold, classic, abstract, or contemporary, SheaMoí Naturelle™ is here for you.

SheaMoí Naturelle™ will have you “Elegant, Distinctive, and Natural™”

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