MTV Technologies

Type of Biz: Computer Hardware / Software / Networking
Name: MTV Technologies
Street: 23 Charnwood Drive
City: Pittsburgh
State: PA
ZIP/Postal: 15235
Country: USA
Phone: 412-607-3351
Fax: 412-824-9013
Mobile: 412-607-3351
Comments: Are you frustrated when you try to use your computer and it never seems to cooperate?
Many business people and individual home users want to utilize their computers more. However, often people become discouraged when they are unable to get the results that they desire.
MTV Technologies offers personalized instruction in streamlining and optimizing your interaction with the computer, to create the kind of computing experience that you want!

MTV Technologies can help you:

Work with email
Process digital photos
Create a digital collection of your favorite music
Keep your computer in good working order
Set up a back-up plan to protect your important files
Maintain proper security
Technology Consultations Available
Make recommendations for upgrades if needed
Work more effectively with a particular program
Network your Home Or Business
Wireless Networking Also Available

Answer many other questions that you may have
Call now for an appointment!

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