MJ’S Remodeling

Type of Business: *    Contractor, home and business remodeling
Name of Business: *    MJ’S Remodeling
Business Physical Address (If applicable)    3780 Chartiers ave
Pgh, Pa. 15204
Email address: *    marvinjackson405@yahoo.com
Phone Number:    14123308580
Web site:    www.mjsrenovate.com
Brief intro about your business:    Commercial and residential remodeling.
General contractor, Major multi room and basement remodeling, plumbing, painting
Licensed, bonded and insured


3 Reviews to “MJ’S Remodeling”

  1. MJ’s remodeling very professional and gets the job done in a timely manner

  2. Gets the job done very pleased

  3. Good job

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