Barbie’s Lil Schoolhouse

Type of Biz:  Daycare
Name:  Barbie’s Lil Schoolhouse
Street:  141 Kilmer Street
City:  Pittsburgh
State:  PA
Zip/Postal:  15221
Phone:  412-999-3013
Web Site:
Comments:  This is a wonderful small daycare that prides itself on person attention and skill development for children. A Chrisitan environment that is worth checking into.

One Review to “Barbie’s Lil Schoolhouse”

  1. Barbies Lil School House has been open since about 2009. I have had 2 kids in the day care (one is now 9 another is 2 and still in daycare) plus more than half of my family and friends have sent their children to this day care. The owner is a former teacher i believe, and it is clear that the kids are her priority. On a private street convenient to many areas with great hours. Takes infants to school age kids as well as after school kids. Has a website where parents can log in and see their child’s progress. Highly recommended.

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