Amie H Cande

Type of Biz:     Real Estate
Name:     Amie H Cande
Street:     1028 S Braddock Ave
City:     Pittsburgh
State:     PA
Zip/Postal:     15218
Phone:     412-478-9314
Fax:     412-235-6759
Web Site:
Comments:     One of my favorite quotes is “work hard now so you can play hard later”. I intend to work as hard as I can for you when you put your trust and dreams of home ownership in my hands. I look forward to bringing you closer to your vision of your future, in the way that you see it. I hope that you will think of me when you are ready to purchase your home and of course recommend me to friends and family. When I work with you, you will have an agent who is loyal, encouraging, focused and willing to do all of the right things, the right way, to help your homeownership goals come true.

One Review to “Amie H Cande”

  1. If you are buying a home in Pittsburgh, then you will need the services of Amie H. Candi, she is great! Our experience with her was exceptional, she is professional, personable and extremely thorough.
    You don’t even have to look any further she is at the top for a reason.

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